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National Cadet Corps

The NCC offers opportunities for military training to University students, without imposing on them any obligation for active Military Service. The objectives of NCC are the improvement in physical and mental alacrity, cultivation of a sense of pride in
smart turnout and bearing, fostering a sense of discipline and responsibility, development of social personality and aptitude for leadership and inculcation of the principles and practices of military service. Members of the Corps have no liability for military service but have definite obligation for regular training.

i. Attendance at weekly Parades held during the year.
Note : Parades will not interfere with the academic work and come to a close in about three weeks before the Examinations.
ii. Cadets will have two Parades a week, each of two hours duration.
iii. Every Cadet undertakes to continue in the Corps until discharged, or on leaving the college or on approved medical grounds.
iv. Every Cadet on discharge, will be issued a Discharge Certificate which will carry weight with those responsible for recruiting to the Government or other Services.
v. Government Uniform which should be worn in all parades on the campus is issued free to all Cadets.

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