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List of Projects

S.No.Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
1Characterization and maintenance of cell lines of fish and crabDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201227.78 lakhs2012-2014
2Development of vaccines against Aeromonas caviaeDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology20129.43 lakhs2012-2015
3Antimicrobial and Immunstimulatory Activities of Actinomycetes for Aquatic Animal Health ManagementDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201289 lakhs2012-2015
4Isolation and characterization of active antimalarial compounds from South Indian Medical PlantsDr. A. Abdul RahumanZoology201340.3 lakhs2013-2016
5Development of white spot syndrome virus free brooders for seed production: using indigenous shrimp, Penaeus indicus as a modelDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201380 lakhs 2013-2016
6Potential use of biodegradable nanoparticles to deliver recombinant protein vaccine in shrimp to control WSSV (Indo-Sri Lanka collaborative project)Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201322.17 lakhs2013-2016
7Development of new functional materials for anticorrosive coatingsDr. K. Anver BashaChemistry201317.7 Lakhs2014-2017
8Tata Innovation Fellowship - project on immune genes of shrimpDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201345 lakhs2013-2018
9National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases – Tamilnadu State (Selected Districts) Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201480 lakhs2013-2018
10Development of field level nanoparticle based immunodiagnostics for viral pathogens of shrimp and prawn.Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201483.9 lakhs2014 - 17
11Control of WSSV of shrimp using nanoformulated dsRNADr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology2015100 lakhs2015-17
12Herbal immunostimulant formulated feed to protect shrimp from WSSV infection Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology201585.6 lakhs 2015-18
13Poverty alleviation through Prevention and future control of the two major socioeconomically-important pathogens in Asian aquaculture
Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology2016408 lakhs 2016-19
14National Repository of Fish Cell lines in NBFGR (Phase-II) and access center in C. Abdul Hakeem College and research on application of cell lines in virology, toxicology and gene expression studiesDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology2017264 Lakhs2017-2020
15Molecular screening, cell culture based isolation and characterization of finfish and shellfish viruses and establishment of National Repository.Dr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology2017488 Lakhs2017-2020
16Porous Crystalline Metal-organic framework(MOF): Systhesis, Characterization, Structure and FunctionDr. S.Syed TajudeenChemistry20171.2 Lakhs2017-2019
17Attempt to develop diagnostics and preventive measure for suspected fish viral diseases encountered in AssamDr. A.Sait Sahul HameedZoology2018144 lakhs2018-2021