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S.Z. Abrar Ahmed

I wish all the best all the time to all those that become the buzzing bees of our Hakeem Hive.

"Education is an unassailable asset. The portals of higher education are a Passport to coveted job opportunities. 'Syllabus' may be the only bus that goes to every College. But we make it a deluxe coach with our lectures studded with the Rubies of wisdom. More emphasis is laid on character building because character is destiny. Discipline is the tree that stands evergreen in the campus. Economically poor students are well assisted by Government Scholarships. The Top Rankers in Major and Allied Subjects and Languages are honored with Silver Medals on the College Day and at our Annual Convocation. Some of our students had been the University Rank Holders and some are, even now, the University Blues. Destiny of a nation is shaped in the classroom. And our classrooms are but fitting examples".

"The new academic year is like the arrival of spring with all its beauty, gaiety and grandeur. The fresh batch of students is like just-bloomed flowers that enrich the splendour of the campus. Thousands of students had been rolled out of the massive portals of the college over the years and majority of them had been precious gems of discipline and integrity. The most studious of them have been enrolled as the staff of the college on fulfilling the eligibility norms of lectureship. I am one among them. I owe my reverential sense of gratitude to the Exalted Members of the distinguished College Committee for elevating me as the Principal of the college which prestigious honour I did not even dream of. I will pay back my gratitude by sticking myself to the academic and administrative rules and regulations in accomplishing my duties and responsibilities in the best interest of the College, Staff and Students. While requesting the Staff to extend their whole hearted co-operation, I feel proud of their selfless and sterling services that have transformed the college into an academic and research hub of National and International recognition and reputation. I wish and pray that students should rise up to the expectations of their teachers and the University by making maximum use of more than forty facilities available on the campus and flash themselves as the most competent academicians on the effulgent canvas of higher learning and decent career".

Dr. S.A. SAJID, Ph.D.,

I wish all the best all the time to all those that become the buzzing bees of our Hakeem Hive.

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