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Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society Estd in 1918

          The fabulous jewel of Madras Presidency, Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem Saheb, one of the best respected natives of Melvisharam, was Prince among traders and one time Sheriff of Madras. He cherished a golden dream of transforming his town into a splendid seat of great learning to cater to the educational needs of youth. Like the winds that have no barriers of caste or community, the Nawab's munificence lighted the lamp of joy and contentment in several poverty-ridden families. His colorful dreams have all been realized by the Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society founded in 1918 that strove hard to metamorphose Primary, Secondary and Higher Education into splendid segments of prestine enlightenment irrespective of caste, creed, community or social status. The work continues even now with redoubled zeal and rejuvenating spirit, with student ́s progress and welfare as ultimate goals. The MMES manages and maintains the following prominent institutions.

1. C.Abdul Hakeem College (Autonomous)
2. C.Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology
3. Islamiah Boys Higher Secondary School
4. Islamiah Girls Higher Secondary School
5. Islamiah Primary School for Boys
6. Islamiah Primary School for Girls
7. Hakeem Matriculation School
8. F.M Primary School
9. R.A. Primary School
10. M.M.E.S Women's Arts & Science College
11. MMES Academy of Architecture

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