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National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme was introduced by the Govt. of India in 1969 - 70 in selected Universities all over the country. This Scheme has worked out miracles. Greater stress is now being laid on the involvement of students in constructive and developmental programmes, particularly in the rural areas.

The general objectives of this Scheme are, (i) to serve the community while undergoing instruction in an educational institution, (ii) to arouse the social conscience of students, (iii) to provide them with an opportunity to work with the people around the educational campuses, creatively and constructively and (iv) to put the education they receive to concrete social use.

Each Volunteer has to put in 120 hours of in-service training in an academic year and only then he is eligible for the Service Certificate.

Free of Cost Programme by TAHDCO and TCS iON 29.08.2023

TAHDCO and TCS iON is offering 7digital programming in Emerging technologies. All the SC/ ST/SCA students (Both Day and Evening) are requested compulsory register this program without fail Apply: http://tahdco.com and http://iei.tahdco.com/tcs_reg.php Venue:Auditorium Time:11:45 am Date:30-08-2023 Contact: R. Sugumar Member of SC and ST cell NSS Programme Officer Department of…

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