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  • The Department of Corporate Secretaryship, Established in the year 1977.
  • The Department is conducting an undergraduate program.
  • It is promoting inter-departmental activities on the campus to harness inter-departmental harmony and to strengthen the academic ties among departments. 
  • Students are motivated to pursue higher courses of study and excel in the campus and Off-campus interviews.
  • Introduction of semester system in the year 2007-08
  • Introduction of CBCS in the year 2010-11.
  • Introduction of Autonomous stream in the year 2014-15

B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship

PSO1 - Impart basic values such as emotional and social so as to make him socially and emotionally competent
- Learn relevant financial accounting skills and applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge in their careers.
- Acquire the skills like effective communication, planning and decision making, organizing, directing, controlling and problem solving in day-to-day business affairs.
- Identify the scope, role and function of the company secretary and apply them in the employing organization.
- Prepare consolidated accounts for a corporate group and reporting requirements of the Companies Act.
- Acquire practical skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.
- Understand how the business organization work by applying economic principle in their business management.
- Acquire practical knowledge on the implementation of the finance, HR and Marketing principles with the help of Institutional Training.
- Impart the concept and various applications of computer and its uses in business such as e-commerce, EDI, Networking, Tally etc.
- Insight on Banking Regulation Act and knowledge on Indian Banking System
- Understand the concept relating to entrepreneur and analyse the role and responsibility of entrepreneur, which will help him to take critical decision.
- Understand the cost accounting principles, which will help him to prepare various costing techniques.
- Recognize the nature and behaviour of human resources and its significance in the organization.
- Provide an in-depth knowledge on the provisions of income tax and familiarize with recent amendments in income tax

Faculty - Aided

Mr.K.N. Jaffer Sadique

Mr.K.N. Jaffer Sadique
Assistant Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
[email protected]
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Mr. K. Md. Edrees

Dr. K. Md. Edrees
Assistant Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
[email protected]
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Mr. K.M. Abdul Jameel

Mr. K.M. Abdul Jameel
Assistant Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
[email protected]
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