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Candidates selected at the interview for the first year of the course shall remit the fees immediately. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any account. The students shall pay fees for each term before the dates fixed for such payment.


  • Candidates selected at the interview for the first year of the course shall remit the fees immediately. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any account. The students shall pay fees for each term before the dates fixed for such payment. The students are strictly asked to pay the fees within the stipulated date given in the calendar. On any account late payment will not be accepted.

  • The working day is divided into five periods of sixty minutes duration each. Attendance will be taken every hour. No student shall be absent from the college without permission. One hour of unauthorized absence in a class will be considered half-a-day leave and two hours of such absence will be deemed as one-day leave. The leave letter must be submitted in advance or on the next successive date without fail. Actions will be taken if absent without leave letter. Applications for leave should be submitted to the Class teacher countersigned by the Parent/Guardian and the Principal.
  • A student who puts in 75% of attendance (100 days) will be eligible to appear for End Semester Examination (Theory & Practical). If a candidate fails to put in the minimum attendance percentage stipulated (75%) condonation of shortage of attendance is permitted up to 10% (i.e. 65% or 65 days) after collecting a fee of Rs250/- (each) for Theory / Practical. Candidates who have put in less than 65% of attendance but more the 50%(50 days) of attendance are not eligible for condonation of shortage of attendance, such candidates will not be permitted to appear for the regular examinations, but will be allowed to proceed to the next year/semester of the course. They may be permitted to take up the next End Semester Examination by paying the condonation fee. Candidates who have put in less than 50% of attendance have to repeat the course by rejoining after obtaining prior permission from the Principal and COE to rejoin the course. A minimum of 90% attendance is required for scholarship purposes.

  • Student shall conduct themselves properly both within and outside the premises. The good name of the college depends upon the conduct of the students. If any student is found short of good behavior and discipline, she shall be severely penalized or even expelled from the college by the authorities.
  • The students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones or any other electronic devices such as walk man, i-pod etc.
  • Students shall wear neat, decent and respectable dress such as salwar kameez, chudidhar, half saris and sari. They should conform to the standards of modesty maintained by the institution.
  • Students should greet the members of the staff and step aside to let them pass. They should stand up when any member of the staff enters the classroom.
  • Students shall not enter the staff room or office without permission.
  • Students shall assemble for prayer as soon as the bell rings and stand in a line. Latecomers will be fined a sum of Rs.25/- per day.
  • Students should be punctual to the classes. A student shall not enter or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.
  • Strict silence should be observed during class hours both in and outside the classes. When classes are dismissed students should move from one class to other in an orderly manner without causing disturbance to other classes.
  • Students should attend all special coaching classes in the subjects in which they are found weak.
  • Students should purchase the prescribed textbook, which will be issued by the college bookstore. Students are expected to bring the prescribed textbook to the classes without fail.
  • Students should acquaint themselves with the notifications put on the college notice board.
  • Students should not organize any meeting of any nature inside or outside the college campus or collect funds or distribute circulars and notices in the college without prior permission from Principal
  • Senior students should not rag or harass junior students. Students who resort to such ragging will be severely punished and even expelled from the college.
  • The students of this college shall respect all religions. The authorities will not countenance anyone who talks ill of any religion or faith. Parents are requested to strictly advise their wards in this regard.
  • Students are expected to take proper care of the college property and help keeping the college premises neat and clean.
  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted to meet their wards or Head of the Departments or Lecturers directly to discuss any matter pertaining to their wards. All such matters should be brought to the notice of the Principal in writing after seeking a prior appointment.
  • Breach of any of the above rules will lead to disciplinary action resulting even in expulsion.
  • The authorities seek the kind Co-operation of the Parents/Guardians in this regard to help the college to do its best for the students.
  • Mobile phones not allowed inside the college campus. If found possessed, actions will be taken

  • Mid Semester and Model examinations are conducted and progress cards are given to the parents during the Parent Teachers’ Meet
  • Based on the performance of the students in these examinations, the Principal decides on the eligibility of the student to appear for the End Semester Examinations. The decision of the Principal is final.
  • A student who fares very badly in these examinations or has insufficient attendance will not be permitted to write the End Semester Examinations
  • Class internal assessment marks will be allotted based on the performance of the students in the Mid Semester and Model examinations

  • A Student will be eligible to appear for the End Semester Examinations, if,
  • He has put in the requisite 75% attendance
  • He conduct and progress in studies during the year have been satisfactory and He has paid all the fees and arrears of fines and has obtained a “No Dues” clearance from the respective Head of Departments.

  • The library, the wonderful place, is open to all members of the college on every working day. Every student, on being enrolled in the college becomes a member of the college library.
  • Strict silence shall be observed in the library.
  • No member shall take any printed book or notebook into the library without the permission of the Librarian.
  • Each member is allowed to borrow two books at a time. Two borrower’s tickets will be issued to each member. If a borrower’s ticket is lost, the member has to report the loss to the librarian immediately in writing. A duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs 10/-(ten rupees)
  • Books must not be marked or defaced. The pages should not be earmarked. Students should examine each book before borrowing it and report to the librarian any damage found there in.
  • Periodicals placed on the magazine racks should not be mishandled and should be replaced on the racks after use.
  • Reference books and periodicals will not be loaned, but will be available for reference within the library.
  • Overdue charges at Re 1/- per day shall be imposed for each daybook is overdue. Absence from the college shall not be admitted as an excuse for delay in returning a book.
  • The Librarian may recall any book at any time even before the expiry of the normal period of the loan.
  • If a member has lost or damaged one book of a set, the whole set has to be replaced by the member.
  • No member of the staff or student is allowed to lend the library books to any one in or outside the college.
  • Any book, which is in great demand, shall be lent only for three days.
  • Library books and library tickets must be returned to the Library at the end of the academic year, on the date specified by the Librarian
  • The timings for the laboratory are 9.00am to 3.40pm
  • The Science labs are well equipped with costly apparatus. Great care must be taken in handling the apparatus.
  • Computer Science and Application labs are provided with expensive systems, servers, printers and UPS. Care and caution are therefore needed in this case from the students, staff members and the attendants.
  • All breakages, damages and losses will be recovered from the students concerned individually or collectively. These should be brought to the notice of the Principal forthwith
  • The worktables and sanitary fittings should be taken care of by the students, the Heads of the Departments and Lecturers in charge.
  • Establishes a support between the students and the staff and it strives for elimination of unfair atmosphere, a suggestion box is kept for this purpose.
  • Laminated Identity Card is issued to the students soon after admission for the full period of study subject to production on demand at any time. The students must bring their respective Identity Card every day.